Download: Caloric Restriction and Cancer

Gene Expression from Cancer and normal tissues and microRNA in urine and blood in Breast Cancer Patients Before and 6 months after Hippocrates and Kushi Caloric Restricted Diet - updated 3/2014

With the identification of the human genome, the doors have opened for research on human genetic changes in disease and aging. Now we use technological tools such as "Parallel Sequencing" to study gene expression by changing the environment or types of food intake.

The George W. Yu Foundation for Nutrition and Health is privileged to work with Dr. Stephen Spindler of University of California Riverside, Hippocrates Institute and Kushi Institute to do a pilot study on Caloric Restriction and Gene Expression Change and microRNA Change in Breast Cancer patients. Past studies in animals and humans have already shown dramatic changes in gene expressions just by restricting calories in food within a three-week period. Short term Caloric Restriction of six months also has shown dramatic clinical changes, which have been confirmed. The human studies are ongoing and seem to match our evolutionary cousins, the primate. We need 3 more study candidates to complete the study but we also need more funding for the completion of the study.

This will be a great opportunity for the Foundation to make an impact with "bridge funding" to open up the future of research in nutrition and cancer.

Progress in Cancer Treatments
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A Major Initiative

We have the right team and now we just need Two generous partners.

Total Project Cost: $131,340

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