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Joanne Fay Gill

joanne 1Joanne Fay Gill passed away on July 5, 2019 after a long road combating Alzheimer’s brain degeneration.
She was one of four founding members of the YuFoundation.org beginning in 2006.

Ironically, now we are on the verge of understanding one of the earlier dysfunctions of Alzheimer brain metabolism with the research done by Dr. Stephen Cunnane and Dr. Richard Veech and Dr. Mary Newport with the generous financial support from Andre Chagnon whose wife was also afflicted with the same problem.

We now have the Beta Hydroxybutyrate ester molecule discovered by Veech of the NIH and already proved that intake of coconut oil, specifically caprylic fatty acid, intake with resultant production of your own beta hydroxybutyrate ketone can offset the early damages of the Alzheimer’s brain from its inability to use glucose sugar as fuel ten years, (10 years) before memory loss confirmed on PET / FDG scans first documented by Cunnane of Canada. All inflammation and end products residual may be after the metabolic fuel defect.

We could not save our beloved Joanne but the rest of the world are benefiting already from her generosity and kindness.

We miss her everyday!

George Yu MD, president of the YuFoundation.org 7/15/2019

Another cancer that feeds on sugars and starch and even some amino acid proteins is breast cancer. We see the “pink ribbon” everywhere, but how about educating our women how to stop the cancer risk immediately!  Often mammograms come back with the reading “dense breasts” and a request for repeat study in one year.  Dense breast means excessive gland tissue stimulated by too much estradiol estrogen hormones.  If a woman applies a small topical dose of human-identical progesterone cream on the breast for 6 months to 1 year, the density disappears because the progesterone hormone has balanced and countered the estrogen effect--thereby decreasing the risk of breast cancer just like that!  In addition, if a woman uses the metabolic approach and decreases her sugar and starch intake plus less wine, now you have even less risk of cancer. It is so easy to do and we must teach every woman, especially those from age 40 on to understand this simple method!

Progress Report

Can 3 Bromo Pyruvate Prevent Cancer and Metastasis when injected into Primary Cancer?

This is a third-party research done by a grant from YuFoundation for Tom Seyfried to research Dr.Young Ko’s 3 Bromopyruvate antimetabolic drug used in cancers. The important outcome is when 3 BP was injected into the primary cancer site, the metastatic rate was impressively low. Therefore, spread of the cancers may be hindered with this molecule. Please read more in section under grants and scientific information.

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