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Another cancer that feeds on sugars and starch and even some amino acid proteins is breast cancer. We see the “pink ribbon” everywhere, but how about educating our women how to stop the cancer risk immediately!  Often mammograms come back with the reading “dense breasts” and a request for repeat study in one year.  Dense breast means excessive gland tissue stimulated by too much estradiol estrogen hormones.  If a woman applies a small topical dose of human-identical progesterone cream on the breast for 6 months to 1 year, the density disappears because the progesterone hormone has balanced and countered the estrogen effect--thereby decreasing the risk of breast cancer just like that!  In addition, if a woman uses the metabolic approach and decreases her sugar and starch intake plus less wine, now you have even less risk of cancer. It is so easy to do and we must teach every woman, especially those from age 40 on to understand this simple method!

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