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Therapeutic Efficacy of 3 BP


This is a third-party research done by a grant from YuFoundation for Tom Seyfried to research Dr. Young Ko’s 3 Bromopyruvate antimetabolic drug used in cancers. The important outcome is when 3 BP was injected into the primary cancer site, the metastatic rate was impressively low. Therefore, spread of the cancers may be hindered with this molecule. Please read more in section under grants and scientific information.

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Progress Report

Can 3 Bromo Pyruvate Prevent Cancer and Metastasis when injected into Primary Cancer?

Thomas N. Seyfried
Boston College
April 24, 2017

3bp injection directly into the VMM3 tumor in the mouse host showed minimal metastasis.

  1. The greater dependence of the VM-M3 tumor on glutaminolysis than on glycolysis for energy production.
  2. The low bioavailability of 3-BP after IP injection.

The glycolytic phenotype of the CT-2A glioma tumor makes this an attractive tumor model for studying 3-BP. Also, we will inject 3-BP directly into the VM-M3 and CT-2A tumors grown subcutaneously in flank.

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