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Common Sense to Good Hygiene and Prevention of Flus, Colds, and Other Infections

  • Wear an “Ionizer” in Airports, Planes, Concerts
  • After touching money, shaking hands, dancing - wash your hands
  • Cut nails and wash hands regularly add coconut oil (has Lauric acid antimicrobial which is in soap)
  • Buff scarf as substitute for masks in crowded areas
  • Apply Echinacea (Herbal Immune Booster) ointment to Buff and apply on tongue
  • Drink water with Lemon and Ginger regularly
  • Use liquid Oxygen to cleanse mouth and teeth, nose and sinuses
  • Wash and rinse nose and sinuses with warm water, sea salts, oxygen
  • Go to areas of fresh air sometime in the day of work

Watch the full video explanation below...

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