Covid-19 & Other Winter Viruses 2023

If & When You Test Positive for COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) or Other Viruses for the Winter 2023

As a past surgeon for thirty seven years (37), I am a doctor who worked in the trenches in missionary work, in the operating rooms, in intensive care settings and outpatient care and realize that there is a discrepancy between medical doctors, like me, who see the day-to-day reality in management of acute medicine compared to doctors / research scientists in the policy making bureaucracies who do not manage patient care. The doctors in the trenches observer patients’ symptoms and signs and manage medical problems and find treatments from past experiences and change and adjust or fine tune treatments from observations of the clinical outcomes, whereas medical doctors in health bureaucracies search for science and medical research consensus which show validity and formulate a health policy. The Art and the Truth comes out when there is collaboration of the two extremes in solving complex problems. I share with you my thoughts in 2023 after the data collected from the last 2 years.

With the past COVID experience, we now know there are 3 distinct stages of infection.

1. The first phase is when you test positive for COVID and increasing the “viral load” in blood and have typical “Flu symptoms”, fatigue, arthritis joint pains and running nose and cough and that is when you need to implement a full intervention program below.

2. The second phase is the “cytokine storm” when you really feel sick and consider hospital admission where there is massive inflammation involving all organ involvement especially in the lining of all blood vessels (endothelium). You will notice that the oxygen saturation machine will indicate lower than 98% and therefore feeling “short of breath.”

3. The third phase is the final stage from autopsy data worldwide, when your body responds by “clots” (coagulopathy) after the cytokine storm which causes clots in all blood vessels, especially in the lungs. These are the reports you read about which is the last stage of total body organ failure and death.

It is the second and third phase that require hospitalization.

It is the first stage when COVID infection when viral load is building, when intervention is most important and useful.

Primary Prevention COVID test negative.

  • Do not be afraid to increase your Vitamin D3 to levels around 80 to 100 nanograms/ml. by adding “Cod Liver oil at 1 teaspoon which has added Vitamin A, D, K and E. Unlike others Vitamin D3 is really a steroid hormone made from Cholesterol and all of us are deficient of this hormone. You should also take Vitamin C at 5 -10 grams daily in the winter season and make sure it is absorbed into cells by adding phosphatidyl choline (liposomal or add lecithin).
  • Being Asian I know historically; masks have been used every winter to protect the person from giving flu infections to others around and not the other way around as in the United States. Masks are good in the winter season as they keep your face warm while protecting others but intolerable in the summer months. As surgeons, we all wear masks, but the design is different and comfortable for long surgeries of over 4 hours. The ties are not around the ears (which can be uncomfortable) but around the head and neck. In addition, there is a plastic sheet layer near the nose piece which prevents vaporization around your eyeglasses. So, you can get the deluxe surgical mask version.
  • A second alternative to me is what I use for skiing and fishing with the popular “Buffs” which is comfortable and colorful design with an antimicrobial coating. You can wear 2 buffs, a white buff and then add another color buff on top (double buff) which covers your lower head and neck and your entire nose and mouth and throat. I have used these for years to protect myself from the cold in skiing and from the sun when fly fishing.
  • Japanese product of neck wear discharging negative Ionizers (air Tamer A315, A310, A320) -39grams weight, cost $149.99) have been around for many years and often has been used for travelers on airplanes. It is worn around the neck and sprays charged negative ions on any particle small and large and traps it and drops it to the ground. The Japanese ionizers has a radius of effect of 2 meters (6.5 feet) around you. Fax: +81-42-848-5148
  • Wear gloves or wash hands or use cleaner after using a public gasoline pump.

COVID positive test /or Flu symptoms – Secondary Prevention and intervention

1. If you Google “temperature and virus,” it is well known that all viruses cannot survive temperature of 140 degrees Fahrenheit or greater for over 40 minutes. My suggestion is to get into a sauna, or a steam bath set at 140 degrees and breathe the hot air for 40 minutes into nose and sinuses and mouth and throat which will kill viruses in those cavities and spaces. Even if breathing this very hot air does destroy all viruses, there is a good chance of destroying more each time you breathe that hot air into all oral and sinus cavities.

2. You can use nasal spray or rinse with povidone .50-1%, but I recommend a total facial sinus lavage including frontal sinus, maxillary sinus, sphenoid sinus, and Ethmoid sinus nasal lavage with Xlear Xylitol (alcohol sugar), few particles of sea salts, and squirts of Liquid oxygen daily. If sinus x-ray already shows fluid and inflammation add Budesdonide 243 topical steroid all will work. This practice should be done daily if you have a positive test for COVID.

3. Zinc lozenges and tablets have been around for “Flu or Colds,” and it can be zinc chloride, zinc oxide, zinc gluconate between 50 to 100mg every other day but you must have a zinc carrier or zinc ionophore. Quercetin a flavonoid at 2000mg, Azithromycin 200mg 2x per day, or Ivermectin 3mg to 12 mg maximally daily, or hydroxychloroquine 200 mg daily, or Clioquinol 50 to 100mg daily which has been a drug zinc ionophore used in the past for other medical problems (compounding pharmacy can provide this drug).

COVID testing positive and recurrence of COVID viral infections and had multiple Vaccines- Tertiary prevention and intervention.

Unlike vaccines of the past, where an attenuated virus and bacteria (killed virus and bacteria) builds an antibody to that foreign protein, mRNA is a brand-new technology which uses a messenger RNA which correspond to a piece of the viral protein found in the outer virus membrane. The end- product is a foreign protein, and our bodies recognize that it is foreign and build antibodies against this new protein and destroy it. This form of recognition also produces what is called “Spike Proteins” which are difficult to eliminate. Further research is necessary to understand the consequences of this persistent spike protein and how it interacts with other molecules and organs in our body such as the heart muscle cell.

  • Paxlovid 100mg 3 tablets 2x per day for 5 days is a good regimen to treat COVID virus and other flu viruses.
  • Immunotherapy of Monoclonal antibodies against COVID and other viral infections is also effective (my doctor colleagues took it as they still had to see patients even with exposures confirmed).
  • For those of us who had symptoms or side effects from the vaccine or had multiple COVID infections with residual symptoms you want to check your blood of residual small clot byproducts. “Spike protein” detected in blood (D-Dimer blood test) after COVID vaccine can lead to complications such as myocarditis and other vaccine syndromes. We have seen some adverse cardiovascular events in our patient population. To destroy this unwanted persistent Spike protein, I would recommend taking natural enzymes orally to degrade these protein residuals. Bromelain 500mg daily (enzyme from pineapple stem, Nattokinase 2000 FU 2x daily (enzyme from Bacillus subtilis) and Curcumin 500mg 2x daily which are easy with no side. Luteolin, a natural antioxidant and polyphenol, has also been shown to prevent the adverse effects of the Spike protein. These above items have no side effects known.


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Dr. Peter McCoullough was one of the first to find an effective repurposed drugs the initial care of COVID patients. He looked at the clinical data worldwide (Korea, China, Italy etc.) and later all of Asia, Europe, Africa and Latin America and used the protocol for his cohort of patients in Texas and later spread it to the world after all it was a worldwide pandemic and we in the United States could learn from other professionals internationally as it should be. He also looked at published autopsy data worldwide from Asia, Russia, and Germany etc. to better understand the disease infection patterns. His biggest contribution is the early treatment of viral COVID infection before Phase 2 and Phase 3 of the cytokine storm.

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