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The Yu Foundation Board has identified the following projects:

S. Spindler - Rapid 3 to 6 Months Gene Expression Change (St Cr)

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  • 3-BP and CRONK Diet Combinations. We need to find the combination of nutritional Caloric Restriction Optimal Nutritional (CRONK) ketogenic diets (fatty acids) and metabolic blocking agents, such as 3-BP, to work in sequence to arrest cancer energy. We need to raise more money to complete the present projects in order to go to the next step of having the National Cancer Institute develop the drug.
  • Gulf War Syndrome Intervention. We just completed the Gulf War Syndrome study with Department of Defense with Principle Investigator Dr. David Carpenter, and the results look very promising with resolution of symptoms of the veterans. We need to do more science so that the public can benefit from this clinical research
  • Resource Center. Underwriting the costs of the developing the Resource Center as a public service provides a search engine and allows everyone to obtain extended information and contacts with good credibility.
  • Breast Cancer and Hormones. We see the “Pink Ribbon” everywhere, yet simple prevention is rarely addressed. Mammography showing “dense breast tissue” means more glandular tissues stimulated by estrogen dominance, which raises the risk for cancer. But simply balancing it with natural progesterone cream to counter estrogen effects will decrease most breast density and prevent this higher risk situation. Eating and drinking fewer sugars will starve potential cancer cells as well. We need to raise these solutions to help all women!
  • Osteoarthritis. University of Wisconsin is a leader in research of osteoarthritis and minimal invasive treatments for joint, tendons, and ligaments. We have a promising young doctor there who is pursuing research on the cause and pathogenesis of osteoarthritis, which we all get in aging. His models may help us understand the breakdown of the body-holding structures, which then leads to “laxity” of joints and then permanent changes. Everybody gets osteoarthritis from wear and tear; why not slow it down!
  • Mesenchymal Fat Stem Cells. STEM cell research addressing the endocrine system may enhance tissue specific stem cell therapy. I am working with University of Wisconsin to study the “Proof of Concept” using mesenchymal fat stem cells in the microenvironment of the testes to see if there is a cell differentiation with the implanted stem cells.

This is an ambitious, but doable task list. Your donation will make a difference. We are setting a funding target of $8 million dollars. Consider a 5-year pledge of donations so we can do our work ahead. We need your help!

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