Chronic Disease (cancer) and Metabolism

Immediate Goal

Metabolic approach to Cancer Disease

The metabolic approach to cancer embraces nutritional and molecular aspects to "Starve the cancer cells to death" without harm to the host being. Nutritional intervention means eating foods with calorie restriction, optimal nutrition ketosis (CRONK) high nutrition but with low calories (CR-caloric restriction). Molecular intervention means studying and using compounds, which will block the cancer cell metabolism and energy production.

Progress in Cancer Treatments

“It takes more than one tool but many specialized tools to make a good sitting chair” In the same way of maintaining good health and treating chronic disease requires a “cocktail” of solutions to achieve a good functioning body.

Since the inception in 2006, we have grown, matured, and learned from others that we must continue our mitochondrial metabolic nutrition approach but incorporate, other modern technical tools such as balance human identical hormones, cleansing the body of accumulated toxic chemicals, to preserve, regenerate to maintain a good body homeostasis

The diagram above shows how we have incorporated modern good science with nutrition in the treatment for cancer. Alzheimer’s disease will be our next project. The new age of metabolic blocking agents as 3 Bromopyruvate, Dichloroacetate, Oxaloacetate can be used along with “repurposed drugs” such as anti-diabetes medication Metformin with anti-cancer effects, newer molecules such as Tyrosine kinase inhibitors, Check point inhibitor drugs and other targeted molecules have made big strides in controlling cancers and available for use.

In chemotherapy, the gradual change from “MTD maximum tolerated doses” of chemotherapy agents to a low dose (10% or less) constant “Metronomic chemotherapy” have avoided host bone marrow and immune suppression and yet effective to arrest the microenvironment of “Cancer environment such as angiogenesis” etc. The living but nonfunctioning “Senile cells” accumulation from 1 to 3 % in old and even younger people have led to research and development of senolytic molecules such as Quercetin and Fisetin and new drugs as a Dasatinib medication to remove these old useless cells and prevention of it converting to forms of chronic disease. These senile cells will secret SASP inflammatory chemicals, cytokines and proteases to promote changes to cancer and other dysfunctional cells.

While believe that CRONK calorie restricted optimal nutrition ketosis is the main practice to retard the aging process, we believe to address chronic diseases we must use a multi-prong cocktail approach as done with cure of tuberculosis and HIV diseases. CRONK has been around for over 100 years and it is known that even a 2-week practice of limiting calories to 1000 calories per day, 15,000 gene expression changes to a younger profile. CRONK promotes “Autophagy” can remove dysfunctional cells and maintain and repair important functional cells and organs. Because we live in a world today of, abundance of industrialized and refined foods such as sugar, starch, and processed oils such as trans fatty acids etc., a refrigerator with abundant food sources, we have become a rich society with increasing new diseases. Traditional religious practice for Catholics and Muslims have used fasting as a cleansing practice and today “Overnight fasting has become popular to induce ketosis in an overfed human being.

In our TOTT tripping over the truth conference in 2017 we focused on cancer and Alzheimer’s disease because we knew these 2 diseases had a similar metabolic defect.

In Alzheimer’s disease we know that the brain cells cannot utilize sugar as the main source of fuel because the mitochondrial enzymes are no longer able to metabolically use it efficiently which starts 10 years before clinical loss of memory, confirmed by radiological PET scan using FDG contrast.

In 90% of cancers its main source of fuel for survival is sugar, starch and glutamine amino acid and takes advantage of the modern food with an abundance of these simple sugars because its own cellular mitochondria organelle is defective. Cancer cells act like yeast and have an inefficient way of getting energy.

My personal experience in thirty years (30 years) performing urological and gynecological surgery and seeing my patients suffer the subsequent harsh side effects from Maximum Tolerated Doses (MTD) of chemotherapy, especially in the pediatric age group, made me rethink the dosages used even with a sound science support. The chemotherapy killed the cancer cells but at the price of Immune, bone marrow and mucous cell epithelium destruction!

I remember working as a missionary with Dr. Irvin in Malawi in 1970s who introduced me to the work of one of his colleagues, Dr. Dennis Burkitt of Burkitt’s lymphoma, who had shown Dr. Irvin that using lower doses of 50% or less cure the young patients with lymphoma.

The second experience in 1980s was at George Washington University Medical Center working with oncologist Dr. James Algren who cared for one of my terminal prostate cancer patients who survived another 10 years with a constant low-dose infusion of 5 FU chemotherapy at 10% of MTD without any side effects. This technique was called “Metronomic Chemotherapy”.

In 2016, I met Dr. Jean Lionel Bagot of France who uses micro-nano concentrations of chemotherapy, or “Isotherapy,” for 15 years that negated the severe side effects of MTDs. I have now used it with unexplained success for our patients. Concentrations of his chemotherapy used before and after MTD was in the range of 1x 10 -9 (or 1 / 1,000,000,000).

As I combed through publications of on low, constant doses of Metronomic Chemotherapy, I remembered the comment my mentor at Harvard Brigham- Children’s Hospital, the late Judith Folkman a pioneer of tumor angiogenesis, who said that “that low metronomic chemotherapy may be the best alternative to destroying the cancer microenvironment and tumor angiogenesis.”

The landmark publication by Dr. Jack Henkin corroborated these findings showing ultra-low doses of Taxol chemotherapy arrested endothelial blood vessel formation even though it did not destroy the microtubules of replication. (read more on concentrations).

Metronomic and MicroNano Therapy Concentration and Doses

In summary, we believe it is imperative to employ a combination approach from metabolic nutrition, metabolic blocking agents as 3 Bromopyruvate and Dichloroacetate, hormonal, repurposed drugs such as Metformin, Celebrex, Losarten, Doxycyline, Menbendazole, etc., “redifferentiation” agents such as sodium butyrates and tributyrates, Metronomic and Micro-Nano therapy of traditional agents such as Paclitaxel (Taxol), Doxorubicin (Adriamycin) and along with intermittent higher doses of targeted therapy and immunotherapy with microbiome establishment—a FULL COURT PRESS!

Nuclear Transfer Studies of Cancer Cells

Paradigm Shift

This concept differs from a "nuclear genetic" or Somatic Mutational Theory approach which uses agents that destroy indiscriminately both cancer growth and the host being. We emphasize a unique feature in most cancers, which require abundant sugars and some specific amino acids molecules for its energy and growth. Depriving the source of energy leads to cancer cell death without hurting the rest of your body.

Massive public awareness of the concept and evidence supporting a metabolic approach to cancer both in research and treatment must become a reality. We want the individual, institutions and "crowd thinking" via social media to create the momentum to support this concept and future work.

We must unite the use of nutrition practices using CR and metabolic blocking compounds as one integrated practice to deplete energy production of cancer cells.

There are a growing number of scientists and medical doctors who are approaching cancer research and treatments from a metabolic model of cancer starvation and depriving cancer cells of "ATP energy production." I believe the "Tipping Point" (Malcolm Gladwell) is close at hand in a change in the paradigm from Somatic Mutation to a Metabolic theory of carcinomatosis.

Are you someone who has a loved one who has cancer who is failing traditional treatments?

Are you someone who asked your doctor what you can do yourself to help cure the cancer and the answer is NONE!

We are reaching out to you to share what we know and ask for your help to spread the news to others.

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