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Crowd Donor

We must use both private donations but we greatly favor crowd and public funding as we want the greatest numbers of people who believe in our goals.

The most powerful force to achieve the momentum of "Tipping Point" is the common man. We seek more than public awareness but want you to be empowerment of knowledge to help achieve our goals. Some of our goals are a true shift in the "Paradigm of the existing and established model" and therefore we must gather the most powerful force and that is you! We need $8,000,000.00 to shift the "Paradigm from a genetic to a metabolic approach to cancer research and treatment!"

Donors no matter how small, all have a story to tell and a reason to embrace what we have to say. Only by social media, we have a chance to reach each one of you.

Private Donors

This foundation was established in 2006 by the generous donations from Morgan and Janet Wayson and family and Ken and Joanne Gill and family. Since the beginning, we have loyal supporters and patients of Dr. George Yu who have donated generously. If you wish to donate by direct mail, please contact our foundation office and speak to our administration.

Donations by mail:

George W. Yu Foundation for Nutrition & Health Inc
C/O Kim Lorence
200 Westgate Circle, Suite 500, Annapolis, MD 21401
(410) 260-6571 direct line, 
(410) 841-5065 fax executive secretary

Donate Online

No more than 10% of our donations go to general expense. 90% must go to research. Secure donations processed through Network for Good.

Donor Rewards

A Gift of Appreciation

$1,000 Donation Level

1st Pressing of Impressionist Water Color Prints from Chen Chi & Alice Zhu Ming Yu.

The Late Chen Chi was considered one of the greatest American Impressionist.

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$2,000 Donation Level

1 Week Trip to the Snowbird Resort in Utah

One week prime Snowbird Resort in Utah with deep powder skiing condo for 2-4 people.

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As a past surgeon for thirty seven years (37), I am a doctor who worked in the trenches in missionary work, in the operating rooms...

Menopause, for many women, is an unknown — a confusing tunnel to pass through, with limited signage for what to expect. But one...

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TOTT Seminar & Courses

After going to the beach and taking a short swim, have you wondered why you "feel so great!"

No more than 10% of our donations go to general expense. 90% must go to research.

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