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A Detoxification Intervention for Gulf War Illness: A Pilot Randomized Controlled Trial

How to remove toxins from your body.

I have been using the Hubbard Niacin and Sauna system to remove and eliminate toxins, medications, anesthesia, and chemotherapy residual and of course the true toxic chemical exposure since meeting Dr. David Root who worked on Agent Orange for Viet Nam workers and 911 firemen exposures and found it as a rapid way to remove toxic exposures and decreased the side effects. This is the last publication by Carpenter and Kerr done next to my office in Annapolis with good results. - George Yu


Burn Pits Cancer by Jon Steward

Whether it's cancer, respiratory illness or some other disease that has yet to make itself known, I think we have to be on the lookout and really be aware that these veterans are at very high risk. 

Abrams and other medical experts acknowledge that it’s exceedingly difficult to draw a definitive link between burn pits and the conditions veterans are reporting, but they note that ample evidence already exists showing that long-term exposure to toxic smoke can lead to serious health issues. 


Can 3 Bromo Pyruvate Prevent Cancer and Metastasis when injected into Primary Cancer?

By Thomas N. Seyfried


Tumor Mitochondria & Bioenergetics of Cancer Cells

By Peter L Pedersen


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