Focus of Foundation

The George W. Yu Foundation for Nutrition & Health supports:

  • Nutrition & metabolism to maintain health
  • Prevention & removal of toxic burden in the body
  • Body & cellular preservation and regeneration stem cell research
  • Natural hormones, sex hormones, menopause, andropause, breast & prostate cancer

The Measurement of Achievement

“It is not enough to be remembered for one's wealth, knowledge, and achievements. One does not make a difference unless it is the difference in people's lives."

- Joseph Schumpeter, Adolph Drucker The World According to Peter Drucker 1998

"More so, the mark of true achievement and truth is to change the life of the common man who will never know who you are" - George Yu, M.D. 2006

  • We are not satisfied with just public awareness but demand public empowerment.
  • We are ordinary people doing extraordinary things.

Immediate Goal

Menopause & Andropause, Breast Cancer & Alzheimer's Disease

Combining historical experiences with evolving new technology such as the recent CRISPR “gene editing” (pioneered by Jennifer Doudna of USA and Emmanuelle Charpentier of France who studied how natural bacteria can edit and removepotential invaders in nature) methodology to clarify and intervene scientifically with reproducible results that changed our world.

These kinds of major breakthroughs will eventually realize our foundation goals and inevitably translate into the improvement of life of the common man!

The inverted triangle of the “Tipping Point”, by author Malcolm Gladwell, is a guiding principle of the foundation, reminding us that our combined efforts can shift the paradigm—a natural phenomenon, an observation, an international scientific collaboration and finally a practicalapplication—will translate into common day reality affecting all of mankind, beyond race, nationality, social and economic differences.

At the very bottom point ofthat inverted triangle of the “tipping point”, we professionals in medicine and science are thinkers and doers; but the most important part comes from the communications of new findings from advocates and activists, the journalists and facilitators, foundations and industries, politicians and celebrities, and activist groups and political lobbies with financial resources who can spread the knowledge to push the “Tipping Point” of no return and leave behind archaic and outdated concepts and practices.

The has the commitment to communicate simply and honestly, findings in nature, nutrition, basic science, and medicine, which may not be popular, fashionable but has lasting truths.

The was created in 2006 by Ken Gill, the late Morgan Wayson, and further promoted by the late Andre Chagnon of Canada. The foundation established “Bridge Funding” for two arms of initiatives: one for public awareness and empowerment and the second for worthy basic and clinical research.

In 2017, to fulfill the dream of our late board member Morgan Wayson, we sponsored a large project, costing $500,000, for “Public Empowerment” called the TOTT Conference, named for the book Tripping Over the Truth. The unique content of this conference seminars has never been replicated in any conference worldwide. With a total of 40 presenters, we designed a combination of lectures and demos ranging from theoretical, research-based to clinical practice to the chefs who promoted healthy food that tasted good.

There was one group of presentations from Chef Ken Blue of the Ann Wigmore Hippocrates Institute, Chef Bettina Zumdick from Michio Kushi’s Macrobiotic Japanese cooked foods and Nutritionist Beth Z. Kania of the Charlie Foundation using fatty-acid ketogenic foods. A second group featured original, basic researchers such as the late Richard Veech, MD-PhD, pioneer of beta hydroxybutyrate ketone and the late Robert Elliot, MD, expert on mitochondria transplantations in chronic diseases. A third group of presenters included such notables as Stephen Cunnane, the first to develop PET scans using acetoacetate and hydroxybutyrates in Alzheimer’s disease, as well as authors and researchers like Thomas Seyfried author of a controversial book Cancer as a Metabolic Disease, etc. This kind of event has not been replicated since 2017 as it was quite costly.

We focused on two big problems cancer and brain disease-Alzheimer’s. Positron Emission Tomography (PET) using Flouro-DeoxyGlucose shows that 90% of Cancer feeds on glucose and starch while the opposite is true in that both Alzheimer’s disease. In Alzheimer’s, the brains of men and women (especially after onset of menopause) cannot utilize glucose sugar as the main fuel (Diabetes Type 3) ten (10) years before observable clinical memory loss. The late Dr. Richard Veech, Dr. Mary Newport, and Dr. Stephen Cunnane, all speakers at the TOTT seminar, made each of us aware that Alzheimer’s disease also has a huge metabolic nutritional effect! We must address this, as our foundation believes the next largest epidemic is human dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

Fortunately, we digitally recorded the entire seminar so now anyone, anywhere and anytime, can experience the TOTT Conference at reasonable prices.

As with any foundation, the financial resources all come from donors, large and small. We have decided from the experience with the conference to focus our future “bridge funding” on Public Awareness and Empowerment through our communications to you, the public.

We will leave the arena of funding basic and clinical research projects to solely focus on sharing our landmark accomplishments internationally directly to you, with commentary from Dr. George Yu discussing its worthiness. This will give the foundation more flexibility to elevate the best work globally without the financial pressure to fund smaller scientific studies. In addition, the foundation will push and plan for future generations of young and talented individuals who have the passions to help our foundation goals with smaller grants, providing “Bridge Funds” to stimulate their curiosity and initiate small projects either as a review or as bench laboratory study.

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TOTT Seminar & Courses

After going to the beach and taking a short swim, have you wondered why you "feel so great!"

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