CRONK ( Calorie Restricted Optimal Nutrtiotn Ketosis)

PET/CAT fused scan Tells Structure (CAT) How Much Sugar the Cancer Consumes (PET- using F Deoxyglucose Uptake)- We believe using a Multi-Modality approach and to Encourage People to Empower Themselves to “Starve the Cancer Cell by using” by using Calorie Restricted Optimal Nutrition Ketosis and Medium Chain Fatty Acids which can “starve the cancers” for a finite time before cancer mutation and adaptation.

Mitochondrial Metabolic Approach By Blocking Cancer (PET/CAT Scan Positive Uptake of FlouroDeoxyglucose sugar) and Shifting to a nutritional diet of Medium & Longer Chain Fatty Acid Fuels (by Beta Oxidation). Cancers generally use 60% Glycolysis (fermentation) and 40% Respiration (using oxygen in Krebs Cycle)

CRONK- Calorie Restricted Optimal Nutrition Ketosis- diverting common glucose and starch metabolism and using alternative fuels

One “neglected interventional approach” to cancer treatment is its inherent defect in cancer mitochondrial metabolism evidenced by PET Scan using Fluro Deoxy Glucose uptake which shows areas of hypoxia (poor oxygenation) relies more on Fermentation or Glycolysis as in breast cancers

 There are different gradations of oxygen access in cancers and Peter Pedersen with Albert Lehninger at Johns Hopkins noted even as early as 1978 that cancer seem to rely 60% on Glycolytic Fermentation and about 40% on Oxidative Phosphorylation respiration via the cigar shaped organelle mitochondria. This was first described as the Warburg Effect in the 1940s by Otto Warburg. Depending on how much oxygen is available nearby, the cancer cells can adapt to oxygen gradients with areas of low oxygen generating adaptative HIF Hypoxic Inducing Factor (Nobel Prize Greg Semenza, Johns Hopkins 2021) signals to create new blood vessels, Angiogenesis, and seeks to find newer organs to invade by metastatic spread to other organs. believes that all patients must have the opportunity to intervene in their own cancer management, with nothing to lose, by consuming foods which deprive cancer cells of its preferred food or fuel by caloric restricted optimal nutrition ketosis (CRONK) nutrition using mostly medium chain fatty acids (coconut oils to more complex oils) as a substitute for sugars and starch and thereby “Starving cancer cells” of its sugar metabolism.

 In a “War Analogy for Cancer Treatment” this unique characteristic of cancer metabolism is missing part of the ammunition or weapons against cancer enemy- or as professionals say by adding the metabolic approach along with traditional intervention as surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, immunotherapy, and targeted therapy.

The analogy we like to use is to say glucose, starch, fructose is “high octane gasoline” and the fatty acids are alternative fuel “diesel gasoline” with a slower and more complex metabolism but more enduring energy fuel which can satisfy body organs such as the heart and brain etc.  

The problem is today, we have too much food (with refrigerators) such that the evolutionary method of fat accumulation as a survival adaptation to starvation now has become a health burden compared to our ancestors “Hunter Gatherers”.

Calorie Restriction Formulas and Centers

There are many nutritional diets from raw foods Hippocrates Institute in West Palm Beach, Florida and  Ann Wigmore Institute in Aguada, Puerto Rico to cooked foods Macrobiotic Japanese foods  and now the Ketogenic foods using fatty acids. The crucial component is all have a common denominator Calorie Restriction at  about 1800 calories per day.  Many religions and ethnic groups practice periodic fasting as a form of caloric restriction. Today with an overabundance of food, many people practice overnight fasting and eat 2 meals instead of 3 meals. 

The for Childhood Epilepsy practice forms of ketogenic nutrition as treatment seizures.  We also have an adapted a  ketogenic Blend formula which has been used in ketogenic diet for childhood epilepsy -order 844-631-8365. There are Ketone esters salts by Pruvit company and the true ketone esters formulated by the late Dr. Richard Veech and sold by an independent company  703-472-3572 Frank Llosa.  

This illustration above by Linder shows just by limiting to a calorie restriction, your body automatically shifts into ketosis by the rise of fatty acids, Acetoacetate and Hydroxybutyrate as an adaptation to food calorie restriction.

Use of Sweet but not Glucose sugar molecule for taste

There are Molecules which have a sweet flavor but are “inefficient sweet molecules” that cannot be used for anti-cancer metabolism are Galactose, D. Mannose, D Ribose, and D glucose which are different sweeteners but not the same molecule that cancers prefer.

Metabolic Analogues and blocking molecules interrupting Cancer Fuel and Energetics and Supercharge Mitochondria Functions

The below molecules can stress cancer cells by depriving Glucose and Glycogen for mitochondrial fuel for survival such as Deoxyglucose, Dichloroacetate, and 3 Bromo Pyruvate, PLA Palladium Lipoic Acid (polyMVA)  

Drugs and Herbs to Lower Glycolysis or Fermentation by cancer cells

Metformin cream 200mg/ ml cream applied 2x a day. Herbs and Plants vegetables such as  Gymnema / Berberine /Bitter Melon / Nopales cactus plant  will lower blood sugars and insulin. Chromium GTF, Vanadium, and Cinnamon are often combined as an anti-diabetic regimen./Salicinium (Helicidum) conversion to Glyco- benz-aldehyde oral dosing  888-262-5903 also available as intravenous infusion

Vitamin Boost for Metabolism and Cell Differentiation

Vitamin Bs injection B1, B3, B6, B12 combination by injection / B1 thiamine 1000mg/day or benfoaimine /   Oral powder Vitamin B5 2grams  up to 4x day  with Acetyl -L- Carnitine  and Ribose 5 Carbon sugar for ATP formation / Methyl Cobalamin 12 mg injection SC per week /Tocotrienols  Gamma Vitamin E  800mg  /  Omega 3 oils, apricot seeds for B17, and Vitamin K  for microbiome effects on cancer

Enhancing Respiration using oxygen known as Oxidative Phosphorylation and suppressing Fermentation or Glycolysis of cancer energy metabolism and increasing Mitochondrial Biogenesis of normal type

Glutamine Block

This amino acid glutamine is one of the highest concentration in the body and very important for the whole-body functions especially the lining of the gastrointestinal tract. Because it is crucial for a healthy functioning body we cannot block it completely to starve the cancer metabolism. When we starve the cancer of glucose and starch the cancer resorts to another fuel Glutamine to survive. The only way to suppress the glutamine metabolism is a off-on process also called pulse/pressure methodology or in other words blocking it partially and for a finite short periods’ cycles. The molecules below affect the glutamine pathway.

Oxaloacetate / Phenylbutyrate / DON  6-Diazo-5 Oxo-L- Leucine and a newer drug formulation  of DON with less toxicity at Johns Hopkins under Barbara Slusher.

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