A Simplified Birds-eye View of Cancer Drug Efficacy

Our foundation believes that we can assist patients in better understanding the complex terminology and definitions to facilitate their decision-making process in choosing the types of therapy for organ confined cancers as well as cancers which have already spread to other organs.

Terminology for Survival and Failure of Treatment Options

The best measurement of successful treatment after selecting a course should be clear to the patient. Ian F. Tannock, MD, PhD, a seasoned, experienced, older oncologist at the University of Toronto Cancer Center, gave us his viewpoint after  a long career experience with cancer chemotherapy.

The “time to treatment failure of any one selected program” would be more realistic than the present “progression free survival” which has hidden biases. 

“Many studies have found statistically significant difference in progression free survival did not translate into a significant difference in overall survival after longer-term assessment.” 

You should be courageous and forward to ask your doctor those specific questions without any reservations.

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