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Snowbird Snow Ski Resort

The donation of $5000.00 gives you an opportunity to enjoy 1 week at the premier powder snow ski resort of Snowbird Ski Resort in the Wasatch National Forest and Mountain range only 40 minutes from the airport in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA.

Unit T-828-6 NE (week 6 is usually the first or second week of February. This north face efficiency condominium sleeps 4 people. You should call the foundation for approval (Kim Lorence 1-410-260-6571) and also Iron Blossom Lodge to confirm the exact dates as it may change from year to year (1-800-681-9969, 801-581-9969). This week is the prime time for powder snow and the 2 ski area Snowbird and Alta has the deepest, most powder snow in the whole United States. For beginners to experts it is great fun and to feel the silky smooth powder snow is unforgettable.

The maps show the 2 ski resorts and the overview of the mountain range.

The foundation owns this time share and gifts this to you as a gesture of appreciation for your generous donation, first come first serve once per year. If you have donated to the foundation and if the condominium is already reserved you may opt for a reservation the following year.

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Joanne Fay Gill

Joanne Fay Gill passed away on July 5, 2019 after a long road combating Alzheimer’s brain degeneration.

She was one of four founding members of the YuFoundation beginning in 2006.

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